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CROSS COUNTRY COACHES NATIONAL YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIPS                           The CCCNYC meet is a national caliber meet that is independent of all other “national organizations”.  There are numerous ways to qualify for the CCCNYC meet.  To review the qualifying opportunities return to the Event Website and click on “Qualifying”.  Return to the event website here:  CCCNYC All students who compete:     (1) must be listed on the official On-line Roster of the team/club for which he/she will compete at - - -;  and,     (2) must be a member of YES-Athletics           YES-Athletics individual student memberships are $10 per year.                           All official team/club rosters must be maintained ON-LINE by the “coach of record” (Account Holder), or his/her designee, on the Run ENDURO USA website.  This also applies to teams/clubs with less than five (team-scorong) runners.  Parents of “unattached” students - see the instructions below. All parents must set up their own Run ENDURO USA account.  Club-Parents must (1) provide “Parent Authorization” (PA) for their student(s) through their account and (2) pay for their student(s) YES-Athletics membership fee.  Parents of “unattached” runners must do thefollowing on-line through their Run ENDURO USA account: (1) provide Parent Authorization; (2) pay the annual YES-Athletics Membership fee; and (3) enter the national meet (pay the meet entry fee).                           Please remember, YES-Athletics policy requires the “coach of record” (Account Holder), or his/her designee, to be fully responsible for maintaining a current, official On-line Roster  on the Run ENDURO USA website.  The Account Holder (coach of record) must be an ADULT.                            - - - If the student is competing as “unattached”, the parent must request an “unattached”        Run ENDURO USA account upgrade. and then list their student on the account - which        is the official Roster for that “unattached” student.         NOTE:  the PARENT must be listed as the Account Holder on the Run ENDURO account - NOT                      the “unattached” studentThe Account Holder (ADULT) is the “coach of record”.