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Always Moving Forward  guided by Respect & Reality while  Simply Having Fun
   YES-Athletics Membership Year:    August 1st to July 31st of the following year.                                   
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INTRODUCTION YES-Athletics is the membership program for Youth ENDURO Sports, Inc., that provides liability insurance for running sport activities organized by school coaches (or PE teachers) that are considered to be “non-school” activities. YES-Athletics provides year-round liability insurance for coaches and PE teachers for covered activities, as well as providing events with liability insurance, as required by property owners such as parks, school systems, municipalities, business owners, etc. Coverage is also available for “age group” clubs attending the Cross Country Coaches National Youth Championships. [YES-Athletics “sponsors” (sanctions) this national competition.] If your student, club or team plans to attend the CCCNYC  meet, we encourage you to read through the following pages BEFORE continuing with the on-line process to enter the meet. CCCNYC COACH OF RECORD CLUB-PARENTS                 PARENTS of UNATTACHED STUDENTS          Youth Cross Country (CCCNYC event website) Small School Champs (national event website) YES-Athletics (main website) Insurance (policy summary)
2017 CCCNYC entry deadline: - - - coming soon - - -  9:00 PM  (Central time zone)
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